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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Pretty ribbon

It's no secret that I'm a bit of a magpie and that my favorite stylist trick, is to add a sparkly bit of jewelery  to  my outfit. I love my Prada bib ribbon necklace and today I thought I would look through  the internet for some of my favorite bits of bling! I know one Red team member will particularly like this post... you know who you are! 

Prada necklace, Uniqlo jumper, Marni skirt, French Connection shoes
Jewelery from top right: 
Adele Marie necklace £75 at John Lewis
Sportmax necklace £148 at my-wardrobe.com
Earrings £25 at Coast
Lanvin metal, ribboon and crystal bracelet £335at Netaporter
Lee Ange bracelet £90 at Netaporter
Oasis ribbon cuff £16 at Oasis
Necklace £69 and bracelet £29 both at Boden


PinkVale said...

sei carinissima come sempre! mi piacciono molto la foggia e il colore della gonnellina. deliziosa! peccato - almeno per me - non potersi vestire così per andare anche al lavoro..

Lela Seaseight Design said...

Mi piace il tuo stile! Sei sempre semplice ma ben curata.

Lucy said...

I love this outfit, the jewellery is so pretty too!

Kelly said...

Beautiful picks!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous :) Love this style!


Style on paper said...

Adoro la tua semplicità, anche oggi semplicemente stupenda.
Un bacio
Loving Chiaradeanna: New Outfit Post

orange said...

ti seguo sempre,hai uno stile impeccabile.
ti mando qualche mia creazione sul genere di quelli che hai appena postato, via mail,mi piacerebbe avere una tua opinione.



Lucy Laucht said...

Hey there,

I recently found your blog through iamvintagelover and thought I would stop by and let you know I think you have great style. Your blog is in my google reader and has become an inspiration reference!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Love the Prada necklace.
I wrote a comment a couple of weeks ago asking you to consider finding some high street alternatives to some of your lovely designer pieces so thank you so much for doing that! The necklaces and bracelets look fabulous and I'm v tempted (although not as nice as your Prada one)!

mini and db said...

i may have an entire wardrobe of bling but your choices entice me to want more. ps im also rocking the messy topknot in weds pic, tres chic and a perfect antidote to a supremely chic look. x db

Bex said...

I love this necklace. I just bought it from Neiman Marcus, but found this replica for a more affordable price if anyone is interested.

I'm not a fan of "fakes" but this necklace might work!


chicapink said...

I love this kind of necklace! perfect with this easy (but very nice) outfit :)

Anonymous said...

i love your outfit! it's simple, but it looks so sophisticated and stylish with the grey/black combo and your necklace!

♥PINK DOLLY♥ said...

I really like the skirt and this look would be great for me in the office. Do they still stock this skirt if so where can I get my hands on one? SO pretty.

♥PINK DOLLY♥ said...

If you can give a ref number/code for the item that would be great!

La Mona se viste de seda said...

so chic!! amazing look!!


WIT said...

Hi girls! here I am after a few very busy weeks, sorry of I haven't been replying to comments and thank you so much for all your lovely words. xx WIT

Caradiaz said...

Can't comment much on this post really other than to say 'beautiful'. As a jewellery business owner, I'm seriously biased when ti comes to jewellery :-)

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