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Thursday 23 June 2011

"the Laura's"

I'm still wearing my all-white honey moon clothes in London due to a minor (major!!) hiccup with the move into my new flat.. So today I'm off to work with my beloved "Laura" sandals that Russell and Bromley called so in my honour! I love them and wore them every single day on my honey moon, they are the perfect summer sandal and I'm seriously considering getting the black version too.

Zara top, Lofli jeans, RB sandals and YSL bag.

The Laura


Anonymous said...

You look glowing, missed you whilst you have been away - but enjoyed all of your wedding posts upon your return. Beautiful Bride & congrats.
Great post today - back on form, I love it! x

Italy Loves Fashion said...

Lovely outfit as usual. It must be amazing to have a pair of shoes named after you.


Style Souk said...

I bought the black pair on Saturday!

The white were beautiful - and look great on you - but I worried that they might not survive a summer pounding the dirty London streets. :0)

Where they really named after you?

Sarah x


I Turner said...

I like the simplicity of the Laura sandle and can understand why it is such a favourite!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, as ever. Can I ask which style of Lofli jeans these are? Really like them.

Congratulations on your wedding - looks like you had a magical day :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura, love this outfit as alway, especially the sandals. Could you please give me some ideas on what to wear to a festival. I am going to Wireless Festival next weekend and am struggling for inspiration. I am sure it would be a really popular post at this time of the year as well!

Thank you x

gabry said...

sempre perfetta! :)

Annie said...

Love your Laura sandals and *need* a pair for myself!!! Are they sold on-line (I'm in the US)?

Non si dice piacere - La moda passa, lo stile resta said...

you are so chic!
i love your blog


Anonymous said...

This is such a cute outfit, I love the sandals. Will you be posting about your honeymoon wardrobe at all? Your packing posts are fab so would love to hear about what you took away with you!

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