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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Behind the scenes our Eva Herzigova interview

It really isn't everyday that I get to chat to a supermodel on the phone about her wardrobe icons, so excuse me if today I take a little a moment to take it all in. I've had to keep it a secret for some time and this morning I was so excited to hit "send" and make this week's issue of The ICONS Update live. I have to admit that I've known Eva for some time (long story), but I never thought that one day I would get to interview her for my own magazine... you have to put yourself in my shoes and see that this is a little childhood dream come true!

On the phone with Eva

I have always loved fashion, ever since I was a little girl my favourite game was getting my younger sister all dressed up and taking photos of her with my Kodak camera (we have embarassing photographic eveidence of this!). I grew up with the 80's supermodels and Christie, Naomi, Claudia and Eva were my idols. I use to play "catwalk shows" with my sister and friends Olivia and Vicky and literally strut down my mother's dining room in the most improbable outfits. 
This issue of The ICONS Update will be the last one of 2014 and boy has it all ended on a high for me! Our previous Expert had been Jenna Lyons and our next one would have big shoes to fill, but Eva was so interesting to speak to and with 25 years working in the fashion industry she really does know a thing or two about where to get the perfect jeans and what's the most fabulous shade of red lipstick. Read this and lots more in this week's issue, I hope you enjoy it and that Wardobe ICONS  is everything you had been expecting from a new and improved WIT.

Laura x


Unknown said...

well done laura! Eva is a true Icon and I loved the interview

Josie said...

How exciting! You should be so proud x

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