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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Monday morning pick me up: 6 New Season Must Haves

It's been a while since my last Monday morning pick me up so I thought I would bring it back today, especially as we've all just been payed.. so let's go shopping! I've had a think about what I'm lusting after from the new season, what are those wardrobe updates that will be the building blocks for my spring summer wardrobe. I'm all about little touches here and there, nod to trends as opposed to the full look. I'm looking forward to embrace colour, print and a tad of sports luxe. Here's what's on my shopping list and weather you buy one or all, cheap or expensive all these items are the ultimate new season investment.
  1. The statement dress - this is the dress that works for a day of mega importance or a night out, works with flats or heels and comes in a forgiving A-line shape.
  2. The fun court - your jeans best friend, slip it on and your denim gets an instant revamp.
  3. The powdery pink skirt - this season hottest colour, pair it with chambray denim or clash it with red.
  4. The jumpsuit- oh yes, you will wee me sporting this Top Shop number as soon as the sun starts shining!
  5. The slip on trainer - the perfect week end shoe, I can't wait to wear mine with rolled up denim and jersey t-shirts in the park.
  6. The bomber jacket - the ultimate season updater, wear it with confidence with anything from dresses to skirts.



Natalie said...

Where is your navy bomber jacket from?

Anonymous said...

It's obviously not as cold down in london as it is in the midlands! I'd freeze if i went to work with bare feet, ripped jeans, no scarf or gloves! Nice outfit but i would be cold....

On another note - do you ever wish you still had long hair? I've had long hair for almost all my life (with a bob phase in my 20s that only lasted a few months as it grows so fast!) been admiring your crop and considering a change... Just worry i will miss my waist length hair after a few weeks... Been reading ur blog for years now - you inspire me! :)

Mandy said...

You look amazing! I bought the Topshop jumpsuit, need some new shoes now though! Great post xx

Anonymous said...

The bomber is from and other stories in the sale no longer in stock....

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