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Monday, 14 April 2014

The cargo pant

I did my seasonal wardrobe swap-over at the week end and found these old cargo pants that I suddendly had an urge to wear again. I remember buying them as a nineteen year old and thinking they were the coolest thing ever (they are from Pinko!). Today I am breathing new life in them with my Sophia Webster heels and Tippi crew neck. If you have a pair of cargo pants buried in your wardrobe take them out, and here are three updated ways of wearing them as a grown up!

From the left:


Claire said...

Sorry Laura, but no love here for your cargos! Although do like your 3 styling suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Love the cargos!! So fun to dress up with heels


WIT said...

oh my! you hated the cargos ;-) xx

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