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Monday 7 July 2014

What I wore at the week end...

Stella McCartney dress, Boden flats, M&S sunglasses
What to wear at weddings is a source of endless debate – I recently wrote my Get The Gloss Fashion High Five article all about this subject and came to the conclusion that dressing for the brides occasion is the way forward, yet for me a dress (long or short), is the easiest options. Now I know there are chic, modern alternatives to a dress but ultimately I don’t get to wear them that much so it’s always a great excuse to go a little glam.

Picnicking Italian wedding style
My cousin was getting married in Tuscany this weekend and I saved a Stella McCartney sample sale buy for the occasion – it’s a strapless cream dress with red floral embroidery and a little sheer crop top over it, I remember seeing it on the catwalk and was chuffed when I found it at a sale price. Here are some similar, macrame or embroidered styles that will make you the perfect stylish guest. 


X said...

I love your hairstyle!

Joanna. said...

You have a beautiful family. You're a lucky woman!

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