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Wednesday 19 August 2015

The making of my wardrobes

Days before leaving for Italy we shot my 'Perfect Wardrobe' feature at my London home. It was a really fund day with our resident photographer Eva K. Salvi and our wonderful art director Polly Chamier that made everything look photograph worthy.

 I say this because what may look like a perfect shoot today was actually quite a hectic day and definitely  log project in the making, so I thought it would be fun to share some of the photos of the before and after. 

Some of you may know that in the past six months my flat has gone through a total refurb, and creating the next-to-prefect closet space was one of the most fun things I've had to do. I didn't have space for a walk in closet or for something particularly fancy, so I decided to opt for something more practical and utilise every single cm of space in the most effective way possible.

My bedroom was an empty shell with a 4mt long and 3mt high wall and I opted for fitted wardrobes throughout. I enlisted the help of budget friendly Martin West Interiors and, with a very specific idea in mind, handed it over a design that I made with my husband of my future wardrobes.

I measured and counted every item in my closet and subsequently allocated each category of clothing and accessories to a specific space. I counted in hanging clothes, folded items, shoe boxes and bags and even space for change of season boxes and storage.  I had to do a huge clear out, the biggest I have ever done so far, but today I really feel like I've got a perfectly edited wardrobe where I can see and wear everything I own.

The day they wardrobes were fitted I stayed in to decide the height of each shelf (this was crucial for my shoe cupboard) and made sure that everything was just prefect. I had the doors made in simple wood and then had them painted in my favourite shade of Farrow and Ball grey called Pavilion Gray.

The day of the shoot we decided to focus less on my clothes and accessories the way we've done so far with our 'Perfect Wardrobes' series, and more on how to store and maintain  tidy and well organised wardrobe. Here are some behind pics form the day, to see the end result go to this week's issue of The ICONS Update and read my 20 tips on how to create the perfect storage.

Having my hair and make up done in the sitting room

With our Contributing Editor Polly Chamier

Polly preparing lunch for everyone in the kitchen

Polly making everything look super pretty

The mess on my bed at the end of the day!

My GZ engraved Jimmy Choo shoes

 The cover of this week's bumper issue live on www.wardrobeicons.com

The ICONS Update

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Angella Frasier said...

You are so right when you say that choosing wardrobes is a difficult task. There is so much to consider such as available room and type of door. We recently used the services of a fitted wardrobe specialist and I am so glad we did. They made the whole process stress free and even fitted them for us.

Angella Frasier @ 4-Wardrobe

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