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Monday, 17 May 2010

Where WIT happens..

Here's a little peak into WIT's headquarters: my wardrobe. I share a very little space with my boyfriend so I have to be very tidy and organised. The key is being able to see everything that I have,  pictures on shoe boxes are not just there cause they look pretty! Everything has it's place and all hanging clothes are arranged by colour, this way I could literally get dressed with my eyes closed. I regularly edit out anything that I don't wear and have a seasonal wardrobe change-over, this way I keep a fresh eye on all my clothes.

My wardrobe is a modular style from Ikea- you can buy rails, draws and shelves and build your custom made wardrobe

 Petit Bateau breton top, Miu Miu skirt, Prada belt, Zara sandals 


The Last Miaow said...

Fantastic blog! And your wardrobe looks impeccable. If only I could live up to those standards... x

WIT said...

I know you "The Last Miaow" and you have an AAAAmazing wardrobe!! xxx

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