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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

8am to 6pm

Good morning! 

On my way to a lovely breakfast with the Jaeger press girls. I'm having toast with jam, orange juice and yogurt with banana (so italian of me since everyone else is having eggs!)

Back in the office and getting some work done with Lucy (that in front of me is the TOP SECRET June flat plan I've been working at.....)

Today I'm wearing my French Connection red trousers, Benetton stripy T-shirt, Uniqlo jumper, Joseph fur gilet and my New Look ankle boots. It's freezing outside and what you don't see is all the heat tech Uniqlo underwear ;-)

Lunch time! I don't know where time has gone,  it's late so I run to Pret down the road- I love the avocado wrap closely followed by a steamy hot chocolate..

Oh well a quick look in Liberty won't hurt.. I'm tempted by the new  Diptyquescented candle

I'm hoping this  ROSA MUNDI LIMITED EDITION SCENTED CANDLE DIPTYQUE  will make it's way in my house for Valentines?!?!

Back in the office I have a rummage in the fashion cupboard to keep great things for my June rail..

How AMAZING are these Chanel pumps!!!!

...more work done and finally it's 6pm!


Unknown said...

Do you need a PA? I'm good! :-)

Nothing like my day, unfortunately. (Although am sure the husb is pleased I'm not tripping into Liberty on a regular basis.)

anto said...

ohhhh those "scianelll ssciusssss".....

WIT said...

I know those Chanel shoes are to die for!

Lonely Greenshoe said...

Definitely love the Chanel, and I'm tented too by the new Diptyque candles and fragrance!!

Anonymous said...

Love your day routine...
Love your style
Love this post
Love chanel shoes
Love everything!

Veebers said...

The shooooooooes, the shoooooooooes #lovehearts

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