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Sunday, 12 February 2012

An affair with Italy

Laura, Stylist & Julie, Photographer

Today I want to tell you of all about a great new website that is very dear to me called An Affair with Italy. Meet my best friend Julie. I love this photo of us so much, I remember that very moment it as if it were now, it was taken on the eve of my wedding day back in June in Florence, Italy. Italy has always been a great love of Julie, sometimes I think she wouldn't have been half as interested in me if, on the set of that shoot were we first time we met on, I didn't happen to be Italian.. and from Florence! (she will be reading this and I can hear her laugh all the way from Australia). Anyway, the funny thing is at the time even though she is Australian and was living in London,  she had just got married herself not far from Florence. We got on straight away, we share a huge love for beautiful things, fine food, fashion and photography and since then we've been best of friends. Fast forward some seven years and we've seen so much happening in each others lives and careers, we've worked and holidayed together, she was bridsmaid at my wedding and I'm godmother to her daughter. I am really proud of her new business venture which brings together her love of Italy and that of photography.

Emma, Writer & Julie

Julie is an amazing photographer and has worked for in London, New York and recently Australia since she moved back with her husband and two daughters.

She has taken some of my absolute favourite photos in the whole world, even though some are from my personal album I wanted to share them with you... 

London 2010

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