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Friday, 22 November 2013

WIT mama Friday: the perfect week end coat

Zara sunglasses and boots, Whistles coat, HM jeans
Ever since I went to Paris for the week end and I felt slightly "off" in my khaki green parka, I've been looking for the perfect week end coat that is pratcical but also a bit sleek and just right for the city. The sort of thing you put on a Saturday morning for a walk in the park, brunch with friends, the zoo but that also looks cool on a week end break without the kids.  I must have tried on something like 15 jackets in the likes of Maje, Sandro and Iro.. but there was always an element I didn't like: an exposed zip, black and not navy, cheap looking fur, too pricey, unflattering fit.. and the list goes on. Well,  last week I found the perfect jacket in Whistles and bought it within two minutes from trying it on. It ticked every box, minus one but hey something's gotta give!
  • It's navy
  • Padded and very warm (tried and tested)
  • Sheepskin looks expensive 
  • Hooded
  • Deep pockets
  • Flattering length just covering bum
  • A bit fitted so doesn't swamp you
  • Leather sleeves make it cool and a bit fashiony
  • It's gorgeous but not precious, which means I will wear it
  • Good price point
Only box it didn't tick is that it's not waxed or waterproof. I'll bring a brolly!

Whistles Cooper Leather Sleeve Navy Coat£275.00
P.S.  Dearest WIT readers, Wearing It Today will be on holiday all of next week as Greta and I go on a little trip back to Italy to visit the family. See you on the first week of December when I return with WIT's very own Christmas Gift Guide.. do NOT miss!


ale said...

Uh I'll miss you... but welcome back to Italy!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Looks great Laura. Love the navy! I too have been feeling a bit fed up of my khaki green parka this winter and am looking for an alternative. I spied a nice one in Mango but sadly it's sold out in my size.. Enjoy Italy.

Fashionmumof40 said...

Oh I have been searching for my perfect parka khaki green is not me, this Navy one looks perfect! Have a lovely week in Italy with your gorgeous Greta xx

Anonymous said...

I am just curious, why did you reject a black coat for a navy one? I mean why black no but navy yes?

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura, I love the coat and was wondering about sizing. Did you stick to your own size or go up one? it says regular fit I believe but I prefer my coats a little big as I think it looks better. I was pondering a navy parka from Topshop or River Island but have fallen in love with this coat now.

Also, just to say as a first time mum to a 15 week old boy I love reading your blog, I am not quite as disciplined as you though (I am still in my maternity under bump skinnies as I just can't muster any enthusiasm to shop at the moment).

Clara said...

Have a safe and beautiful holiday! Thanks for your besutiful blog! My best from quebec

Clara said...

Have a safe and beautiful holiday! Thanks for your beautiful blog! My best from quebec

valentina curiosea said...

I like your baby's shoes!...eyy and mum's blog

Anonymous said...

Love love love this coat but it's way over my budget? Have just ordered the navy blue short Borg lined parka with fur hood from Topshop, hope its half as nice!... What do you think of it? Mel x

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