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Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Summer box

By this time each year I have literally had enough of winter. I am not a winter girl, I hate the cold, the gloom, the layers... I love wearing a dress and sandals with a glossy pedicure and not having to wear a coat. So each year as the summer months approach, I start making a box of things I'm saving for my holidays. It's just a little ritual, one I go back to every time I have something to celebrate: last time I did it was after I finished breast feeding Greta and I could finally wear all my real clothes, and the last time before then was when I packed only white clothes and lingerie for my honey moon. The rules are simple: buy now and save for my holiday, no cheating. This way looking forward to my summer holidays becomes extra special.

My box this year includes a few birthday presents and a trend I wanted to try this summer, jumpsuits. I opted for a Top Shop one that sort of channels the Stella McCartney tailored vibe - I will wear it with flats and beach hair for dinner with friends on holiday.

I simply can't wait to wear this on the beach. Will save it for a few days into my holiday when I've shaken off the pastiness..

This is a trend I was dying to make my own - I loved this dressed down style with a cropped loose leg
The perfect holiday jean

I will wear it with flats and t-shirts... I might break into this for a Lodon look too

This will be a chic beach cover up but  worn with will double up as an easy evening dress worn with flats and a little pair of earrings


Unknown said...

Oh my, I thought I was the only person who did this! I have an old Net-A-Porter box that my wedding dress came in (yes, I bought it online) and I've kept it ever since to store up all manner of lovely summer things, although your contents are more covetable than mine, I'm afraid. I can't wait to tell girlfriends who laugh at me that I'm not the only one and in fact, the Fashion and Shopping Editor of our favourite magazine does this, that will keep them quiet from now on!

WIT said...

Ha Ha HA! I think WIT readers have a common thread..... x

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