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Friday, 20 November 2015

4 of the best black Capes


I've been wearing my Stella cape so much (literally every day) that I've sort of become obsessed with it and wondered why on earth it took me so long to finally own one. I thought I would wear it mainly in the evening, as it's such a chic and elegant cover up but I actually find myself reaching out for it for every day meetings and over jeans at the weekend. The problem of how to hold your bag is a bit annoying (it really only works with a  clutch), but I love that fact that it doesn't cling and feels like a warm hug. I know there are lots of colours and prints to choose from, but I like a simple go-with anything black.

Weather you decide to splash out or try out this trend on a budget, here are four lovely styles worth WIT's seal of approval  for most budgets. 

Joseph double-faced wool and cashmere-blend cape £945

Mango wool-blend cape £59.99

Stella McCartney wool cape £965 

REDValentino Wool-blend twill cape £595

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