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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

OTK boots + Knit dress

Photo by Diego Zuko
I have a busy day of breakfasts, press days, meeting and more so no time to take my pic today, luckily I'm 'repeat-outftting' and wearing almost this identical look from LFW. No heel heels for me today, so I'm pairing my favourite knit jumper dress (mine is from Chinti and Parker but Boden also does a similar version at a more affordable price - click here for it) with my over the knee boots from Isabel Marant plus, the Stella McCartney cape that I got lots of stick for that has already repaid itself by how much I've been wearing it ;-)


bubbleandsparkle said...

Hi Laura, I love the cape but would worry about keeping it clean! How do you keep yours clean and how often do you need to dry clean it?

WIT said...

I've actually been surprised by how easy it has been to keep it clean - I obviously pay attention to where I hang it etc but I just use common sense. I dry clean all my coats at the end of the season before storing them away for the winter. x

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