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Monday, 14 December 2015

The knee high boots you've been asking me about

2NDDay dress, Chloe bag, Vintage boots
I inherited these vintage tan boots from my grandmother, I actually think the were my great aunt's but some how they made their way to me as I'm the only one in the family with my granny's shoe size (lucky me as she was quite the fashionista in her days!). I've been wearing them a lot this winter and can never tag them in pics but constantly get asked about them. Luckily, earlier in the season we found a very similar pair from Margela and they've had a permanent spot in our shopping section on Wardrobe ICONS since. Petro bought them too and loves them as well as guaranteeing they are the most comfortable boot ever. So, if you like my boots, here's an almost identical pair available to buy today.

Maison Margiela Leather knee boots £635


Abbie Lodge said...

LOVE these boots-they went in the Matches sale today so are 30% off

Truc said...

Bought the Margielas after I saw them on Petro!

Yuliya said...

You are very elegant!
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