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Friday, 18 December 2015

What to get "The girl that has everything' this Christmas

How many times have I heard this question when my family and friends start thinking about what to get me for Christmas (birthdays etc..), but surely there are more girls like me out there? And actually, as it turns out we are usually quite happy with a £6 MS candle, a £25 manicure voucher or just about anything monogrammed...

Usually 'the girl that has everything' loves an experience (tickets for the cinema for her and her best friend? Or, if she has kids, a baby sitting voucher so that she can go and get her hair done!), anything stationery (thank you cards, notelets, To Do lists..), or something she wouldn't really treat herself to (a £30 luxury hand-wash - that's a bit silly to buy for yourself).

Anyway, you needn't spend a fortune on 'the girl that has everything'...but if you really want to spoil us, here are some more ideas!

Because "The Girl Has Everything"...

... Loves her home

... Has a thing for monogrammed anything

... wouldn't buy this for herself

... loves a pampering session

... is a bit girlie

... writes a thank you card for everything

... loves to decorate her belonging

... can never have too many grey jumpers

... always looks chic, especially when nobody sees her

... will always love Chanel's latest shade

... is the perfect hostess and will like her guests to have nice hand towels

... loves the little luxuries in life

... will probably have had an eye on this all season waiting for it to go on sale

... loves taking photos

... will love this for her office

... will have a favourite chocolate that she can't get enough of

... always likes something festive red for Christmas!

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