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Monday 25 April 2016

COUNTDOWN TO MATERNITY: Wardrobe Oganisation rules I live by

When I was thinking about the posts I should leave you with before going on maternity leave, I thought a classic wardrobe-organisation one should definitely be included - after all, us WIT girls love a good wardrobe! Luckily last summer, once I finished my new fitted wardrobes, we did a shoot for Wardrobe ICONS that looked at all the aspects and rules I live by to have the perfectly organised wardrobe. Here are some of my top tips - if you would like to see the full feature head to The ICONS Update here to also shop some of my must-have wardrobe organisation essentials like baskets, hangers and jewellery dividers.


My wardrobes are built behind closed doors, but once I open them everything is organised by section and all accessories have a label so that I know wha't inside shoe boxes and dust bags. To see really is to wear more - make sure that however you decide to organise your wardrobe, everything is in plain sight so you don't forget what you own.


Not all your items of clothing need the same type of hanger, so don't waist precious space with the wrong type. I use 4 different styles: clip on for skirts, thin velvet-effect non slip ones for blouses, men's fold ones for trousers and shoulder padded ones for coats.


Shoes can stink, you walk in them on pavement and they are generally non hygienic, so try not to store them together with your clothes. I have a separate wardrobe for my high heels (that live in boxes) and pull out drawers for my flats. Find a place in your wardrobe/house that doesn't see them living with your fabrics and knitwear that can absorb odors and get stained.


Protect your wardrobe from moths with all your powers - I'm obsessed with the concept and place moth repellent sheets in-between all my jumpers and hang moth killer in each one of my wardrobes (even the ones that have no wool - you never know). At the end of the season I wash all my knitwear and take all my coats to the dry cleaners; yes at a price, but better that than a munched up Max Mara camel coat is how I see it!.



At the beginning and at the end of the season try to get rid of at least five things - it will make you feel better about your wardrobe and also create space for new buys. Put away clothes that are not season-appropriate, it will be a joy to rediscover them all a few month later.


Be organised about all items that live in and around your wardrobes that serve to create the perfect outfit. Think about your belts, sunglasses and jewellery too. Once again, it's all about having them in one place so you don't waist time looking for this and that and then organising them appropriately.

Read all my tips and see the full feature of my 'Perfect Wardrobe' shoot in The ICONS Update here + shop some of my must-have wardrobe organisation essentials like baskets, hangers and jewellery dividers.

The ICONS Update

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Unknown said...

This is the post i was looking for. These tips will surely workout for me to manage my closet. Thanks for writing this amazing post. :)

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