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Monday 4 April 2016

That summer dress we all want, for less. Found it!

Asos dress, Celine sunglasses, Isabel Marant shoes
I've (almost) fully recovered for yet another round of flu and the result of one too many days in bed has been a lot of on line shopping... but I guess it's all justifiable when you are buying things that come from your own recommendations - right1!? So in the spirit of Wardrobe ICONS (we practice what we preach) I've been buying a number of things from my Top 50 High Street edit in this week's issue of The ICONS Update (if you haven't had a chance to see our bumper issue yet, take a look at it here as tomorrow we are moving on with the next issue).


One of the things I have been so excited tor receive was this ASOS Premium dress - thing is, with high-street, you never know what you are going to get. Some things look really nice in photos and models, but then when you receive them at home the quality really lets you down, but this dress I'm so impressed with. 


I've wanted a Vita Kin dress forever, but it's just too expensive, then there's March11 (sooo gorgeous - Petro bought one I'm so jealous) but also super expensive... so when I clocked this black and red number from their Premium range at £70 I was so excited, and so pleased to see upon receiving it that cut, fabric and embroidery quality are up there with my super anal standards. Okay, they will never be like the real thing, but close enough! So if it helps make a decision, it has my total seal of approval.



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