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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Summer Beauty WIT

I've been asked to do a WIT about my hair and make up regime which I found quite funny because it's relatively low maintenance: I almost always wear my hair in a ponytail, rarely brush it and when I put it up it's in a messy bun because I love beach/bed hair.  I think make up should take 5 minutes and look very natural- I like  a bronzed, sunkissed look with a little sheen on the cheekbones and definition in the eyes. Yet I never actually realised just how specific my make-up bag is, until I decided to list my favorite products! My make up changes slightly between summer and winter, so I thought i would show my favorite S/S everyday products and a few "special occasions" favorites.

My Summer make-up essentials:

  1. St. Tropez Everyday Airbrush- great colour, simple to use. I can't bear being pale!
  2. Benefit eye lash tint- I don't like mascara, especially in the summer, so I prefer to get a black-blue eyelash tint from Benefit salons (Adriana in the London Spitafield's branch is truly amazing and also waxes my eyebrows)
  3. Benefit lip scrub and balm- I wear this lip balm everyday, I love it because it's completely matt and  being quite thick it stays on for ages. It comes with a lip scrub too.
  4. Laura Mercier cream blush in Blaze- some days it's the only thing I wear. It gives an instant "healthy" look.
  5. Essie Coral varnish- great shade for summer toes.
  6. Laura Mercier bronzer in Matt Bronze- couldn't live without it, my star buy. Non yellow/orangey and the only one without sheen for a matt sun kissed look. 
  7. Essie Mademoiselle varnish- for natural nails.
  8. Seche Vite top coat- only the best in the world. I take it on holiday and it instantly revives an old man/pedicure. Another star buy.
  9. Shu Uemura black cream eyeliner- stays on all day.
  10. Bobbi Brown eye liner brush- draws a perfectly neat line.
  11. Nars duo cream highlighter in Orgasm/South Beach- love love love this. Great for cheeks, eyes, lips. Star!
  12. The bronzed messy hair look I love!
  13. Guerlain Terracotta powder eyeshadow in Holy Smoke-  a great sheer alternative to the below.
  14. Mac Quite Natural Paint Pot cream eyeshadow- I wear this almost everyday, it's a barely there matt "wash" on the eyelid.
  15. My signature pony tail!
And for the evening or a special occasion I love a coral lip using Mac's  Morange lipstick and golden skin with Jemma Kidd's Show Stopper Body Glow.


Vesta said...

can I just say thank you _ thank you _, it is so very generous to share your tips and secrets with us.

Have you tried BECCA? I recently did (as my friends were raving about it), and I thought it would really suit your relaxed natural style.

And thanks for the answering my question about your height the other day, I"m pretty much the same height, so suddenly your blog got even more interesting for me ; )

Still waiting for that Chanel dress post, pretty please.

Cici said...

Wow, that was quick! I've got a similar regime (same hair and minimal make up) but you do need good products for it. Hence the request! Love this blog, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this. All great tips. It' so hard to find make up tips from someone who does their make up well and we can see, rather than from magazines.

Laura (also known as Angel31!) said...

Great post! I do my make up and hair in a very similar way so its great to see what products you use, thanks!

WIT said...

Thank you girls! I love your feedback and sharing/exchanging my "secrets" with you is a lot of fun!!! x
P.s LOVE Becca, have a few things that I use more in the winter- will do a A/W WIT beauty post too...

bags n shoes said...

well thats my shopping trip sorted en route to work tomorrow....fabulous tips Laura....you are my reason for living atm!! If i am in the shops, i ask my self, "Would Laura wear it?" (I also like Mary Portas's style too!)

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

ilaria said...

mi rendo conto solo ora che sei italiana...

Anonymous said...

Great post! :) I almost always wear my hair tied back too!, i don't remember the last time i had it open. Why do you always tie it up out of curiosity?


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT, thanks a lot for the tips as well!!
Now I'm just curious what hair products you use on a daily basis and when you go out?
Thank you SO much :)
Kisses from France!

Anonymous said...

Have just stumbled upon your blog and i'm so glad I did. Will have a good look around and definitely be back for more.

And this must be the perfect list for summer beauty!

Miss B xx


Alexandra C said...

i just bought blaze cream blush from Laura Mercer and it's great, you're right does give a very natural glow for a brunette. I often find it hard as lot sof blushers look so light or bright they're quite artificial looking. tried to get the Nars duo but lady in Space NK seemed to think it may be limited edition.

Your blog is my favourite site I check it every day!

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