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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Maxi comfort

I eyed this maxi dress in New Look that screamed out my name- it's made of very soft jersey and it's perfect for a hot sumemr day. I'm still in Dorset and will spend the day on the beach but it will be just as great dressed up with a sparkly necklace and a tan wedge.

New Look maxi dress, Converse, Gap cardigan


Meera said...

Hi Laura!
Loving your look today! I tried on the same dress but was all wrong on me - looks great on you though!
Just thought I'd let you know that I just used your packing tips to pack for my holiday to Egypt! Found it sooo useful as usually I overpack - so it feels really good to be very organised about it!
Enjoy Dorset!

WIT said...

Ciao Meera! so glad you found WIT-ty packing useful, will make sure I keep on thinking up clever tips for my lovely WIT readers!

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura, I love your blog and am usually always ticking the 'Love' box! I'm more than a little envious about your wardrobe!

Today I only ticked 'Like' as I don't think the converse work. I'd prefer the look with a cute pair of sandals.

Keep up the blog! I'm really enjoying it!


Lisa-Breton-lover-Boon said...

I have just bought this perfectly shaped dress in navy, grey & this wonderful stripe. Thank you so much for showing it. I LOVE your blog for matching the designer bits with high street. x

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