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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Travel blazer (and I'm back)

When traveling, I often throw a blazer over my jeans and t-shirt plane look. I like to think that my navy Balenciaga is one of the best buys in my wardrobe. A good blazer has to fit like a glove, turn a drab outfit into a smart one and it then becomes one of the best investment that can be made.  

 J.Crew  navy blazer

Balenciaga blazer, Benetton t-shirt, Gap skinny jeans, RB flats


Anonymous said...

Honey? I LOVE this blazer, and NEED it - where can I find an alternative not so 'high-end'? x

WIT said...

Ciao! a blazer has to be an investment, trust me. With tailoring you get what you pay for and fabrics must be good ones or it'll loose its shape very quickly. If you don't fancy the J.Crew one try Theory- they have two great styles, I particularly like Blinn, Draka and Aslinn (and make it NAVY!!)

Good luck!

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