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Thursday, 17 June 2010

An ode to Carrie

Last night I went to the cinema to watch Sex and the City 2 and despite the disappointment for the movie, one of the outfits reminded of a much loved Dior top I bought years ago inspired by Carrie. I went back home and looked for it everywhere and when I finally found it I had a real "Carrie moment" thinking about all the memories that it brought back. Amazing what clothes can mean!  I love SATC, and I love how Carrie mixes unexpected colours, fabrics and styles and back in the days, she was the first who made me want to pair a chunky cardigan to a ball gown or stiletto's to cargo trousers. So today it's a little "WIT-ified" SATC look for me..

Christian Dior top, Zara trousers, French Connection courts


Iona said...

I've been scouring Ebay for one of those tops!! Loving this outfit- bad as SATC 2 was, it completely reignited my passion for mixing things up a little...in fact I bought the SATC 2 book weeks in advance for some extra inspiration. I've spent days with my nose pressed up against the window of my local boutique since they started stocking Halston Heritage! x

Anonymous said...

in effetti credo che fossimo insieme qdo l'hai comprata....per la famosa regola del "non buttare mai via niente", voilĂ ..hai creato un outfit NUOVO,CHIC,DIVERTENTE E....VERY WIT!!! brava come sempre, anto

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