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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Military operation: SALES

I hate sales, but it has to be said: you can find some great bargains so, with a military approach, plan in hand and  kitted with the right outfit you can be in and out with your trophies in a blink of an eye.  Here is my strategy today:

Set a target: Knightsbridge's Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Alberta Ferretti and Joseph (11am sharp)
Set a motif: Wedding bargains
Kit-up: a jacket that won't mind being thrown on the floor, a "universal" top that goes with anything you try on (jeans, trousers, skirts..), a comfy pair of trousers that you can take off easily in the changing room, a pair of no laces flat shoes and finally a hands free bag to hold on to as many hangers you can.
Look pretty: always wear a little make up, you don't want your first impression with a potential purchase to be a ugly one.

Whistles leather jacket, Gap t-shirt, HM harem trousers, RB ballerinas, Chanel chain bag


bags n shoes said...

Fantastic outfit! i wear much the same for shopping! What i really want to know is What did you get???? please tell us asap!

I went out for dinner last night - very laid back, but wore an outfit inspired by you - khaki jogging trousers, wedge beige boots, a white short, and a black leather jacket....with my steel MbMJ ukita bag.

You are totally my style guru now!

WIT said...

Oh you are too kind! I am so glad you enjoy WIT!! Sadly, after 4 hours in Harrods I left with absolutely nothing. Sales are just not my thing... too confusing!!

bags n shoes said...

Shame about the sales....must admit i did not get much either....tho did 'bag' a bargain on Ebay last eve, again inspired by WIT!

WIT said...

what did you get? do you know about my upcoming You're WIT section? I would love to have a pic of you in your favorite WIT-inspired outfit! You're WIT is all about you readers and the outfits you've put together inspired by or bought from WIT. xx

bags n shoes said...

I am sorely tempted to send in some pics of my WIT inspired outfits....will get the camera out.

(I got a black antiqued leather Mulberry bays clutch.Should arrive tomorrow.)

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