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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

You're WIT

You're WIT!

I'm launching a new idea for all WIT readers. One of my darling friends bought these leggings and wears them beautifully so I had an idea: I would love to see what WIT readers bought or re-interpreted taking inspiration from Wearing It Today. Send me pictures of your WIT outfits and at the end of the month I'll start a new page called You're WIT, with all my favorite looks. It can be as simple as a mobile picture or camera taken "WIT style" against a simple background and cropable tall and thin. Send pics to wearingittoday@gmail.com subject: You're WIT

Isabelle with her Top Shop leggings, tan wedges and Hermes bag- so chic!

Me: Whistles leather jacket, Uniqlo t-shirt, Gap hoodie, Top Shop leggings, Chanel biker boots

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