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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Hair routine

To my surprise in the last couple of moths I've received quite a few emails asking me about my hair routine. I find this quite funny as my hair regime is really rather low maintenance and I almost always wear it up in a simple ponytail. Nevertheless I've been sent, bought, tried and tested dozens of different hair products but I always go back to a few favourites that really work for me, so today I thought I would post about my favourite hair products.

I love Philip Kingsley shampoo and conditioner, I've been using it for years and for me it's the best on the market at an affordable price. It leaves my scalp feeling really clean and the hair soft and shiny. My favourite is Moisture Balance shampoo which is perfect for my long hair:

"This shampoo for medium textured, wavy hair, gently cleanses and takes care of the different needs of both your roots and ends. It delivers the correct balance of moisture to your hair leaving it more manageable and lustrous. It's unique formula contains a natural antistatic conditioning barrier which helps smooth your hair's cuticle to improve combing and condition."

I've never tried any of the other conditioners but I find that the matching Moisture Balance Conditioner does the job: it detangles knots and is not too "heavy" but they have a great range of other hair products for all hair types/lengths and needs.

For medium textured, wavy hair or fine processed hair. Delivers moisture where needed most at mid lengths and ends. Leaves hair shiny, healthy and tangle free and is ideal for use on children with long hair.

I also love their travel size Mignon which you can buy in sets or individually if you like to mix and match.

I use Philip Kingsley in the winter and then switch to Kerastase shampoo and hair masque on holiday when my hair is in the sun- I love the scent and it's very moisturising when my hair has to be washed every day after being in the sea.

My favourite hair style is a ponytail which I tie with Muji black elastic bands- i love them because they are very smooth and my hair doesn't get stuck in them (pack of two for £1.50).

I also love to get hair inspiration from the J.Crew shoots- I love that messy "un-done-up" look they give their models.

As for the rest... I don't use straighteners, I hardly ever brush it (but always comb conditioner through), I blow dry it head down, get a trim twice a year (when one of the hair stylist on my shoots is kind enough to give me one) and every year I have a little pre-summer hair treat. Come June I like to get micro highlights so that when I go in the sun my hear reacts with a natural "sun kissed look" like my hair-hero, Gisele...


Anonymous said...

well no wonder why your hair looks so amazing! its does resemble with the color gisele has atm.


Anonymous said...

A trim only twice every year?! Surely that is not good for the ends? Be interested to know...

WIT said...

works for me, but then I did say I was quite low maintenance. Probably best to get it trimmed more often.

Anonymous said...

Just brought and used the Philip Kingsley shampoo and conditioner as you recomended and I love them!! I usually use Kerastase but definatly converted now, my hair feels so soft. Thanks Laura xxx

Victoria said...

As if people are knocking you for a trim twice a year. I get a cut once a year, if that! :/

Great tips here thank you x

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