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Wednesday 23 September 2015

New season, new coat: the cape

In my mind a coat cupboard should contain one of each of the great classics: the tailored grey coat, the forever camel wrap coat, the weekend jacket, the prefect parka and so the list goes. I've spent the past years slowly and gradually building this capsule wardrobe and ticking off my list of essentials, and this year I decided I was going to invest on a cape. A cape was high on my list of priorities because I don't really own a smart coat - also, I don't really ever know what to wear as a cover up over an evening dress and despite loving a bit of high/low mix, sometimes you just need a smart coat. 

Stella McCartney number from Luisa Via Roma.

After much research I fell in love with this Stella McCartney number from Luisa Via Roma. It's an investment, but I decided a few years ago I wasn't going to buy any more cheap coats - would rather buy one every two years!

Stella McCartney number from Luisa Via Roma
I think it makes the perfect evening coat for three reasons: it's doesn't interfere with your clothes (or at least not this style), you can graciously hold a clutch, and it's a real coat (75% wool) so it keeps you warm, not like using a shawl as a cover up! So there it goes, my new addition to the perfectly functioning coat closet worn today over jeans and heels. Turns out work for the day too! 

Stella McCartney wool cape £965


Unknown said...

just…perfect!!! truly nice choice! antonella

Mands said...

would you reccomend a high street version of this

Unknown said...

I love this cape. Ive always had a weakness for a good cape.

Dianne said...

I'm a long-time reader, and I must say that I was inspired by this post to purchase a black cape from JCrew! I'm not sure if they're selling it in the UK (I'm a US reader), but I'm quite pleased with it. I'm pregnant with my first child and I think it will be the perfect chic topper for the winter!

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