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Friday 11 September 2015

WIT mama Friday: Little Circle and the guilt free kids shopping website

Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest ones and Little Circle is just that, a simply brilliant idea. Okay so you know how when you first have a baby you go a little crazy with the shopping? Yes, we've all been there - and it's not like it really stops when the babies become children, the shopping still continues, perhaps a little less crazy but still, on many occasions, totally unnecessary (Greta own four coats?! Really!?).  Wouldn't it be great if you could buy beautiful clothes and then give them back to the store you bought them from in exchange for more store credit? Well, read on because two very smart women have just created the dream "guilt-free" children's shopping website that does, amongst many more things, just that. And the great news it's one of the best edits I have ever seen.

The stylish duo behind Little Circle: Anna Bromilow, former Fashion Director of Tatler Magazine, and Lisa Picardo an Executive Director for Morgan Stanley Private Equity.


is contemporary and luxurious. We are taste-makers, discovering and pulling together the most covetable childrenswear brands from all over the world, curated into one focused online collection. Every piece feels special and is expertly styled with a Fashion Editor's eye.


is to be the long term fashion solution for stylish parents to dress their growing children. We support beautiful design and craftsmanship and offer a savvy, chic solution for the short life span of children’s clothes. We believe in sustainability.


is simple. Buy the most chic clothing from us. Your children will wear them and love them. When they are too small, send them back to us and we sell them. Use your credit from the sale to refresh your child's wardrobe... and so the little circle goes on.


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