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Friday 18 September 2015

WIT mama Friday: the SIX items every stylish mama needs in her wardrobe

Greta started full time nursery recently and I've been spending quite some time watching other mums on the so called "school run". I love looking at other mum's uniforms and seeing what they regard as essentails - this has given me the opportunity to think about my own uniform and what I think every stylish mother needs. When I first became a mum I remember thinking long and hard at how I was going to tweak my everyday wardrobe for it to be practical, comfort but also stylish - these are my ultimate, must-own 6 top buys.

  1. J.Crew Parker crossbody bag £98
  2. Acne Studios  New Powder hooded down parka  £750
  3. Boden relaxed fit cashmere jumper £139
  4. Isabel Marant Etoile boots £284
  5. Topshop boyfriend jeans £42
  6. Ray-Ban The Wayfarer acetate sunglasses £125 
1) A cross body bag
Hands free is the way forward and small enough to carry your essentials only. If you have a small child you will have a nappy bag anyway whereas if your are running after  a toddler you don;t want anything weighing you down. I love this J.Crew little bag and it comes in lots of wearable or more fun colours. Great quality for price too and love that it has no logos.

2) A "Marant" ankle boot
Just because it's unequivocally cool, and even on the worse days when you've slept 2 hours the whole week they will instantly give you back a little bit of fashion dignity. Choose a walkable heel, black over tan just because they will stain less easily but believe me a stylish shoe can transform not only your outfit, but the way you feel about yourself!

3) A good quality waterproof parka
When it comes to outwear to me quality is essential. I remember realising that my wool coats weren't going to cut it on my first outing with a baby Greta and madly researching for a waterproof, pocketed, warm parka and having a nightmare trying to find something on a budget. Truth is, in winter you will wear this every day, so you really must think cost per wear. Plus, this is something you want to buy once in your life, so get a good one.

4) Boyfriend jeans
No need to spend lots of money here, but I remember favouring boyfriend shapes over skinny styles when I was on maternity leave. Topshop has a great selection of inexpensive, quality jeans, and ultimately despite not being overly original, this is what you will live in.

5) Chic easy knitwear
Cashmere makes me happy inside so I never, for a second, thought I would swap my soft knitwear with something more practical or that washes better. My efforts went into teaching Greta not to rub her hands on me ;-)

6) Designer sunglasses
Just because they add the final cool touch to any outfit! 


ale said...

Yes I love this outfit . Here in Milan, the military green parka is a definitely a teenager's look (hundreds of girls wearing it for the school commute) BUT I think I could try it, even if I'm forty-something....
Love the cross body bag , do you think that a tan leather would fit for autumn too?
Love your posts!

Suzy, The Grey Brunette said...

I'm looking for a waterproof coat at the moment and, although I love this one, I just can't get my head around spending £750 on it! I need to earn a few more pennies first!
Suzy x

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