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Friday, 6 August 2010

Sunny time!

I've received many emails requesting an overview of great sunglasses.. so et voila! A WIT about my favorite sunnies. A few days ago, I spent the afternoon at Safilo, in my opinion London's best stocked eyewear press office- I looked through draws and draws of amazing designer frames and hand picked these 9 favorites to try on. At the moment I have a soft spot for big, tortoise shell styles perfect for my upcoming beach holiday...
So guess which one I'm actually buying?
Find out tomorrow!

From the top left (with style numbers):

1-Marc Jacobs 318/S - £180
2-Marc by Marc Jacobs 155/S - £109
3- Gucci 3126/S - £200
4- Giorgio Armani 778/S - £199
5- Valentino 5714/S - £179
6- Bottega Veneta 144/S - £289
7- Marc by Marc Jacobs 153/S - £99
8- Bottega Veneta 143/S - £250
9- Marc by Marc Jacobs 128/S - £99

Ring this number for stockist details and where to find your favorite pair  +44 (0) 1423 520 303


Anonymous said...

Yay!! thankyou!! finally my requested sunglasses post, even though summer is almost over. Better late than never!

G :)

ilaria said...

I love the ones in the center!!

bags n shoes said...

Great to see you in these Sunnies laura.....I like no 1 and no 4 best....

Anonymous said...

the bottega veneta - middle of bottom row

at least that's the ones i'd buy


Jenny Woods said...

I love the Bottega Veneta aviators!

petro said...

Gucci's or the Bottega Veneta 144/s have my vote- twice in one day I need to get a life

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