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Tuesday 10 June 2014

If you like my hair you will like this post...

Jigsaw jacket, J.Crew Tee and skirt
Some of you might know by now that a few months after having Greta I felt my hairstyle was in need of a drastic change. It wasn't just the impracticality of having long hair, it was something more than that, it was part of an overall image change that I needed.

I had obviously heard of George Nothwood in the years: he famously works very closely with Alexa and Rosie;  I read about him on GP's Goop (one of my weekly must reads), but it was when I saw a friend's fabulous bob that I was convinced to pay him a visit. I haven't looked back since and now can't imagine ever having long hair again.

George's new hairdressing salon in London
I love the ease of my hair style, but mainly I love how modern it makes me feel. I then also discovered the talents of George's sister, Sally Northwood, who is in charge of colour and responsible for my "sun kissed" balayage which always makes me feel like I've just returned from a beach holiday. 

Sally. George's sister who heads colour
I wrote a couple of posts talking about my experience (read here and  here),  but today I have something exciting to share with you..

Last week I went for my pre-summer fix-up at his brand new salon (he recently went solo and opened the George Northwood salon in London), the space feels and looks more like a friend's sitting room than a hairdressers and I so enjoyed him taking me around to show me all the clever little things he had thought about when designing the place: there's a  networking table where you can sit and use WI-fi whilst your colour is setting, the single most comfortable wash stations I've ever sat on, and his mum comes once a week to bake treats for the customers. 

George has thought about everything and there is a hairstylist for every budget starting at £75.00 with his single handedly trained stylist (see more details and prices here). But the best news was that between one chat and another George kindly offered to do WIT exclusive discount on your first visit to the salon.

If you would like to book an appointment all you have to do is take an appointment (email and telephone number below) and
quote #witxgeorge to get 20% off your first visit. 

I hope you will enjoy and benefit from this opportunity as much as I did and if you happen to go please Tweet and your pic to me @WITblog and hashtag #witxgeorge – I would love to see the results! All of this part of the new and improved WIT and more for you, from me and my favourite brands. 

George Northwood
24 Wells St (on corner of Margaret St)

t: 02075808195
e: reservations@georgenorthwood.com
w: www.georgenorthwood.com
tw/inst: @georgenorthood

Opening Hours
Mon  closed
Tue  9am - 6pm
Wed  9am - 6pm
Thur 9am - 7pm
Fri  9am - 6pm
Sat  9am - 5pm
Sun  closed


Helen.by.instyle said...

I would love to pop in. If only I lived closer. I love the fact that his postcode is so appropriate.


I love it!!

H xx

WIT said...

Oh my gosh so worth a trip to London if you are in the UK x

blogreader said...

Your hair is lovely and the salon looks fantastic but you are mistaken in thinking that 75 pounds upwards suits every budget. I was also amazed at your comment about the 220 pound designer swimming costume being affordable the other day. Your blog is great in many ways but is definitely tends to feature high end clothes, etc

Unknown said...

does this "WIT special offer" have an expire date?……I am in Italy now, what about September? thanlk you laura!

bonbon said...

Laura you look fab but not getting these people that say 'fail' what is that about? Why go on your blog and be critical but without any explanation?

WIT said...

On the contrary I think £75 with a 20% discount on top of that for a celebrity hairstylist is a pretty good deal. I'm sure you could find cheaper.. but it wouldn't be George Northwood. x

Unknown said...

bonbon: you are right! why do they even waist their "precious" time to push the button fail……?

bonbon said...

Indeed! £75 minus discount in London is steal - wish I lived closer. A standard price in small town I live in is @ £90 and re moan about swimsuit price the whole point is that you are showing us pieces which we can either afford or inspire us to look for less expensive alternative

blogreader said...

Yes, I'm sure it is a very good deal for a celebrity hair stylist in London but obviously most people don't have budgets for top London stylists. I wasn't 'moaning' about being shown a designer costume. I love seeing designer pieces too. I was commenting on the remark about it being 'affordable'. As I already said, the blog is great but I feel that some of these remarks may potentially put readers off.

bonbon said...

My point was that £75 anywhere never mind London was good value when hairdresser in provincial town wants more than that
And yes everyone's idea of 'affordable' is different but Laura is writing from her perspective and we can either run out and buy that item if lucky enough to do so or see if we can source something as stylish within our own budget - case in point that I can't afford the yellow Roksanda Illincic top in the 'wear yellow' article but I got something similar in Tesco!

Sara said...

Laura, thank you for this offer! I love your hair, and I can't wait to book. I would like to see the man himself, George, but does the offer extend to him, too? Does it also include 20% off colour? I've been waiting to find a good colourist who does good balayage since my Italian hairdresser moved back to Italy and Sally sounds amazing!


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