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Tuesday 17 June 2014

Organised sale shopping

J.Crew jumpsuit. Karen Millen shoes, Chanel bag, Jigsaw denim jacket
I have a little technique I've been using for a few years since I absolutely hate sale shopping, in shops and on line. A few weeks before sales time start I adding (quite indiscriminately) to my basket all items that I've been wanting that season, I get them ready in my chosen colour and size so the day that the sale hits I am (potentially) one click away from securing it at a better price.

J.Crew Camden embellished leather sandals £200
I keep them in there waiting till the price goes down to what I'm mentally prepared to pay for them and if they go.. oh well, it wasn't meant to be! In the past I managed to get some great bargains with this technique, my Chinti and Parker L jumper was a sale buy last season.


It's a bit of a risque business as you never know what will sell out, but if you are ready to take a gamble it's worth trying it. Here are some of the things I've been wanting forever: Valentino shoes, an Eres one piece shoes and a Jil Sander crop top to wear with all my fabulous skirts.  Other are things I love and already have, and I think perhaps you could bag at sale price. Happy (organised) sale shopping!


Unknown said...

very very very clever! good advice,txs

bonbon said...

Am lusting after the Stella McCartney heart tshirt but sadly will never be on sale in my zize:( anyhoo did order the fab Accessorize bag featured by Laura for my ahem birthday and got the pom pom one from friend as well so well chuffed - all thoughts of S McC top gone x

Laura said...

Also, make sure you've signed up for newsletters from all your favourite shops so you're the first to know when the sale hits! I've got my eye on something, crossing my fingers it goes on sale and I can get it! But as you say, if it's meant to be...! :)

Unknown said...

What a great advice ... unfortunately i wasn't lucky enough with my wishful basket from Net a Porter :)



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