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Tuesday 24 June 2014

"My Fabulous Friends... Wardrobes" (Part Two)

Admittedly it's taken me a little while to gather up part two of "My fabulous friends... wardrobes" but it's here at last! I asked three WIT friends from quite literally all around the world (London, Sydney and L.A) to share photos of their wardrobes and give us a few tips on how to keep it neat. I hope you enjoy it and if you've missed part one, don't worry.. just click here.

Julie Adams, Photographer and co- founder of www.anaffairwithitaly.com

Julie is my best friend, maid of honour at my wedding and mother to my gorgeous goddaughter Vivienne Rose and Madeleine Pixie. She is also an incredibly talented photogrpaher and one of the creators of travel/style/design website An Affair with Italy, that I too as an Italian recommend to anyone who wants to be in the know of all things Italian. Julie always look effortlessly stylish and has a tremendous eye for forever pieces. I asked her to share photos of her wardrobe and a few tips on how she keeps it tidy.


Wardrobe location: Sydney, Australia
Most treasured item: I'm not too attached to things but at the moment I'm loving a vintage gold link necklace I bought in Rome.
Latest purchase: An 'escape bag' by 'State of Escape' stateofescape.com.au
Next purchase: A Laura Urbinati Swimsuit lauraurbinati.com
Fashion motto: Dress however makes you feel good
Best organisational tip: De-clutter! It's better to have less clothes and really like what's in your wardrobe… makes getting dressed a whole lot easier!

Carrie Robertson,  fashion loving mommy of 3 kiddies (and future blogger of "Honest Eye" launching this summer)

Carrie is a loyal WIT reader from the US - we have actually never met but pretty much since I started the blog, every now and then she has been writing in with style questions, fun photos of her WIT buys and, more recently, some heads up of her own (she's the one that introduced me to the new MMJ make up range, unavailable in the UK and who so kindly sent me a lipstick to try on). In the years I feel like I've got to know some of the lovely WIT readers and Carrie is definitely one of them. I follow her on Instagram, she's an absolute fashion lover and  when I caught a glimpse of her wardrobe I had to ask to share some photos of her dreamy dressing room.. 

Wardrobe loaction: Los Angeles, USA
Most treasured item: yellow satin Manolo Blahniks.  Just looking at them make me happy
Latest purchase: kelly green Celine bag
Next purchase: A cropped top ... adore this look with the high waisted skirt.
Fashion motto: Fashion should not be complicated.  Stick to the classics but add personality with fun accessories and pops of color.
Best organisational tip: buy a folding board (sold on amazon)...secret to keeping my t-shirts and sweaters looking neat.  also, I am a huge fan of huggable hangers (they even make kiddie sizes!)

Martha Ward,  fashion stylist & journalist, and editor of marthamagpie.com

Martha is a friend, budding stylist and style crush of mine. Whenever I bump into her she is always wearings something fabulous and unexpected and unlike me, is great at spotting gems from vintage shops and flea markets. We share a passion for J.Crew, pink and jewellery and I have often wanted to dive into her wardrobe to see just how many pairs of shoes she has. Well today we kind of all get a peak at her eclectic closet...

Wardrobe location: London
Most treasured item: my stack of white Victorian and Edwardian dresses
Latest purchase:  a Kate Spade wicker lemon bag - I am crazy for a novelty bag.  Particularly one of the basket/raffia/wicker variety
Next purchase: a Saint Lauren pink pussy bow neck tie.  And a voluminous blouse from ASOS.  I like a juxtaposition.
Fashion motto: don't be too geared by trends - nothing worse than a slave to fashion!
Best organisational tip: use plastic freezer bags to store knitwear, and lay out your jewels so you can actually see what you own.  Out of sight is out of mind.


catherine sprunt said...

Lovely post! The top one is giving me total home envy - can we get a house tour?

And I love Martha's style so that sneak peek is, of course, an exciting one! x

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this amazing closet pictures with us, i love how the sun light adornes the Sidney closet, what a shoe collection these ladies have , i'm green with envy :) i still dream of a Carry Bradshaw closet with the satin blue Manolo's , and what is life without a litle bit of magic ? ;)



Bilma said...

Just what I like and what I ask you for!!! Thk U!! I adore these post....so many ideas and a little bit of envy of those wonderful shoes!!! ;).LorenaH.

Laetitia said...

Really love this article... None that I don't like the others !
Have a lovely day Laura ! :)

GlamRosie said...

Thank goodness you posted Part 1 - can't believe I missed it! Off to check it out then plan out my wardrobe layout.....!x

Unknown said...

beautiful post!!! you have wonderful friends with wonderful wardrobes!!!!

Angella Frasier said...

I love finding wardrobe inspiration like this! So many ideas and neat layouts, and beautiful contents to go with it. We've just moved house and I am currently planning my own walk in wardrobe, so posts like this are a really big help. I wonder if they are always this tidy? I know for sure that mine won't be!

Angella Frasier @ 4-Wardrobe

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