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Monday 2 June 2014

Thank you

Dear WIT readers, 

once again I find myself wanting to express a huge thank you for the fantastic response to my questionnaire on "How can WIT be better?". 

In the past ten days I've received tons of emails with invaluable feedback, advice and suggestions, all of which I've found incredibly helpful. I've read through each one of your emails with great interest and made notes of your brilliant, insightful and savvy ideas.  What these are will remain a little secret between you and I, but please know that I have taken on board a lot of your suggestions and hopefully, in the next few months, you will notice the difference and enjoy WWW.WEARINGITTODAY.CO.UK even more. You are all such intelligent, perceptive and stylish women and I'm so proud to be part of our little community. 

Finally on the matter of the prize winner... Oh my! I thought that picking a winner would be an easy thing but so many of you sent such invaluable, detailed and though-through feedback  that I can't possibly choose one. I've made a (rather long) shortlist of all the most helpful responses and then picked one name at random. The winner of the prize will be announced on Twitter this evening at 9pm.

In the mean time thank you to each and everyone of you for taking the time to send in your ideas - I know a lot of you have busy jobs, children to take care of and a lot to get done in the day so the fact that you've made time to make WIT better really does mean a lot to me.

Happy Monday to all of you
Laura x

PS. No post today... got in from Italy at 11pm last night with a very tired baby and then had to leave the house early just to get an extra hour at work.

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Hayley Allan said...

It is fabulous to see you already taking on some of the feedback in posting some High street dresses in your weekly buys! Many thanks

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