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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Sandy dunes..

Here is another one of my Tunisian market finds. It's a soft cotton tunic top which, I suspect, it's actually a men's top as it's an XXL?!? I took this picture yesterday but will be wearing this today too. As there is a huge Moroccan/North African influence in fashion at the moment (both for SS and AW too) I had a look on the internet to find some of my favorite Tunsian inspired items. 

From the top left: 


MMJ sunglasses, Top Shop hat, beige tunic from local market, Vintage sandals


Anonymous said...

I like the north african theme..
and envy the sun!

ilaria said...

Congrats on your cosmo blog Award nomination!

WIT said...

Grazie Ilaria! non ne avevo idea e non so come sia finita la' ma e' una bella soddisfazione. Se non me lo dicevi tu non l'avrei mai saputo!!! Hai visto la tua foto su You're WIT? xx

ilaria said...

Nomination supermeritata (tutti i blog nominati sono stati votati dal pubblico)!
Ho gia' votato ;)
Ho visto la foto grazie e tutte le altre molto belle...proprio una bella idea.
Buon proseguimento di vacanza x

Anonymous said...

this is the "chic" I love!!!!

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