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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Short Rules

Every year I say it's going to be my last, but as it turns out, every year I make a new set of "rules" to make shorts age appropriate. On the cusp of my 30th birthday, I've come up with my ultimate set of short-rules to live by, baring in mind that I am now talking about shorts, not bermudas, that are on the contrary a wardrobe classic, good at virtually any age. Shorts are anything above mid thigh, whereas hot pants are not even worth mentioning, as they are out of my vocabulary since 2000.

SEASON- I personally only dare a short mid summer, somehow the exposure feels more justifies.  I am comforted by a bit of thigh-tan and the slimming effects it has!
COVERAGE-shorts below covered above, too much flesh is just that: too much. 
SHOES- the temptation to pair with a high heel is high, but flats are just so much more chic. I love chic. Jackie O wore them with Capri sandals. 
MAKE- a well tailored short, with turn ups and concealed seams makes all the difference. When shopping for them I think Stella McCartney.

Vintage top, Warehouse shorts, Joseph belt, Prada sandals

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Anonymous said...

so cute!!! I love it, anto

ilaria said...

You look fabulous...keep wearing them!!

Anonymous said...

Love your look, especially with the white top - tres chic! I rarely wear shorts - only on holiday or at home and only if it's very warm (they are same length as yours).
However, I feel a little depressed now as I've never really stopped to think that maybe I shouldn't wear them anymore at my age. I am 37 nearly 38 and a size 8/10. I'm told I look younger, for which I am grateful!. Should I say no to anything above the knee now? I don't tend to wear much above the knee to be honest (I like a more elegant look) but I do have a dress that is above the knee that I wore last winter with opaque tights (was that wrong?) Should I say goodbye to this and my summer shorts?... :o(

Hayley Allan said...

Anon - skirt length is like hair length imo... A thing we say no to every decade..."You can't have long hair/short skirts beyond 30/40..." We say... But if you are careful to balance the look, I say its fine. Above knee dresses with opaques or leggings look great, as long as there is no cleavage on show too. I have a friend who is 49 who has long blonde hair...does she look like mutton? No, because she dresses smartly, has no skin on show, and keeps her hair groomed. I think we can get away with breaking the rules of our mother's generation by being balanced in our look. We have some great role models too - I would carry on with your shorts and dress, specially given that you are slim.

WIT said...

girls, i couldn't agree more with hayley. The secret stays in the balance. I thnik what would Gabrielle Chanel or Jackie O would do and stay on the safe side! ,-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Hayley and WIT, I must admit I was a little nervous leaving my query re. shorts, but I feel a bit better now. Although I have long hair so I break rule no. 2 also! I cut it when I turned 32 for same reason but really missed the long hair and everyone says it suits me better long. I do keep it groomed, and don't do cleavage anyway so I think I am safe but will be careful! I also agree that there are some great role models out there who break one or both rules and still look beautifully elegant over 40. I am 38 next sunday so I am looking forward to buying a few new items to start of 'my' new year. WIT, I'll keep thinking Gabrielle Chanel too. :-)

bags n shoes said...

What i love about WIT is that it is ageless! I am almost 43 and i love the styles Laura shows us on here....most of which i can get away with too....(tho being a size 8/10 does help!!) i do think it gets harder to dress well as we get older but then i think there are some great shops for those of us over 30 - my faves are whistles, cos, gap and zara on the high Street with a few designer items thrown in.
This is a great place for us to chat about clothes! it makes my day - every day to log on here!
Am off to Paris tomorrow so will not be around for a while....all the more to enjoy when i get back!

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