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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Tunisian style

I bought this typical Djerban sarong at the market yesterday. They make them on the island and it comes  in so many beautiful colours it was hard to decide which one to get!  I went for a classic, cream  colour with a blue stripe and today, I am wearing it belted as a dress. I love sarongs, so practical and summery. I prefer thick cotton ones with stripes or in block colours. I belt it,  wear it with t-shirts or wrapped around the hips with a bikini. More on my Tunisian shopping tomorrow... I got some other great bits!


Savannah said...


Love the blog. great job.

You are invited to follow my blog. I think you would like it.

Kelly Ferg said...

Wow, hats off to you for keeping up your blog, even on holiday!

How do you afford all of these clothes? It must be costing you a fortune.

It would be fab if you could try a capsule wardrobe for a couple of weeks to show that you don't need to spend a fortune to look good.

Love the blog xx

WIT said...

I'm a savvy shopper! ;-) ha ha
Jokes apart, WIT is all about "fashion inspiration" not about buying all new things. It's about classic pieces that most of you already have in your wardrobe and ways of reinventing/updating looks.
80% of what you see is already in my wardrobe, but occasionally I do collaborations and use samples from press offices so that you can all get hold of what I'm wearing. Will definetly take your suggestion of a capsule wardrobe, it's a great idea! Look out for it in fall. Have a lovely day and thank you for your compliments. xx
P.S the sarong where £1.50, it's amazing what one can find abroad!

Anonymous said...

Mi ricordano troppo mia mamma.......

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