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Thursday 15 January 2015

Fabulous buy alert: THAT ASOS coat now on sale!

I clocked this coat back in June at the ASOS press day and it made my Smythson diary back end list of "things to look out for it in the fall". Often enough I see things I love but then forget about them (there's a few that are already on my "things to look out for in the summer"...).

I kept on checking ASOS and just before Christmas I managed to buy one of the last small sizes there were of this forest green coat with huge black crystal embellishment (very Marni). Well, it is now on sale down to £75 from £150... it's so fabulous and feels so expensive. Today I'm wearing it with boyfriend jeans and an Equipment shirt for a day at the office.
ASOS BLACK Embellished Coat With Stone Detail £150.00 NOW £75.00


orange said...

Che taglia è il tuo cappotto?perché sto guardando x prenderlo ma non so che taglia prendere. Grazie

orange said...

Scusa che taglia hai preso che vorrei prenderlo e sta esaurendo? Grazie

WIT said...

Io ho preso una 8 - e' davvero grande per cui prendi una taglia sotto! x

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