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Wednesday 7 January 2015

What's in the Chanel box...

I wasn't allowed to take this present back to Italy and open it underneath my Christmas tree because I had no space in my suitcase. Ironically my husband bought me the Chanel present but refused to buy more Kg of "stuff" for my luggage. He suggested I unwrap it London and then "put it in a bag in Florence" - obviously he is crazy so I left it in London to await my return. He doesn't understand that opening this beautiful bag with camellia adornment is half the fun..

Anyway, I can't complain as he did make a one and a half year long wish come true when he bought me this as a Christmas present, and either way I have much more fun opening it with you! 

So here they are, my fashion-victim espadrilles and first buy of my Summer 2015. Those of you who know WIT will know that every year (usually not as early as January!!) I start a "Summer Box" so that I can save and savour special items to wear for my holidays. Last year it was a Stella McCartney swimsuit and a Topshop white jumpsuit that saw their first wear in Sicily, this year it'll be the turn of the CC espadrilles. Roll on summer!

N.B The Chanel espadrilles are a little bit hard to find - as with most things with Chanel they under produce everything so it can be tricky and totally random to find them in store. Airports usually have better stock but if you want to buy them head to your nearest store and make sure someone calls you as soon as they arrive in store. Otherwise you can always buy them pre owned - Vestiaire Collective often has them in.


Unknown said...

Lovely espadrilles!

silvia said...

Really lucky girl!!! Not just for espadrilles but because of your husband that seams to know you well ad to apriciate you are a fashion - victim (in the most beautiful way, of course!)
Happy 2015, your blog is my favourite at the moment!

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