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Tuesday 20 January 2015

What lies beneath (the coat) ...

I just want to reassure those of you who think I step out coat-less in a 4 degrees London that I do wear my coat, gloves, sometimes two scarves and plenty of very unsexy Uniqlo HEATTECH under my daily outfits (that include long sleeved skin tight T-shirts and legging), I just choose to take my photo without so you get to see a little more than my coat wardrobe for six months per year.

My secret from the cold: Uniqlo HEATTECH
The one thing I am prepared to endure is freezing ankles (and at times feet) for the time it takes for me to commute, but most days I drive so I'm practically cheating. The thing is I just can't do tights (read last year's post where I share "How I face the cold"), and this hate has come to a point that I don't wear skirts in the winter anymore; I'll just have to save them for the summer. Something else to look forward to besides my summer box.... ;-)

PS. I had a Christmas voucher to spend in Harvey Nichols yesterday and I asked you which one I should go bewteen the two... Isabel Marant Etoile voile dress £340 versus Isabel Marant Etoile crochet dress £370  -as promised here are the links.


Anonymous said...

Definitely the Isabel Marant crochet dress. Love the fringing detail and classic shift shape.

And patterned tights are the way forward, they add a bit of interest to your outfit whilst also keeping you warm!

Christina said...

I agree - crochet dress. Flattering shape.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, So the heattech-remark on Instagram wasn't a joke! Still, hats of for wearing those beautiful shoes now without socks. Even in a car it IS cold on bare ankles (the thought of those culottes make me shudder!) Woman, you are quite mad!
I cycle mostly (Dutch!) so this time of year I revert practical and warm but still stylish, hopefully (Barbour & Blackstone boots)

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