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Friday 9 January 2015

The perfect winter court shoe

Maje sweater, Mother Denim jeans, J.Crew shoes, Smythson bag and ICON lipstick
It was pouring with rain yesterday so I couldn't even stop for a second to take my ritual daily photo, hence the belated post today. I find that all I want to wear at the moment are my J.Crew black strappy pumps, I decided that they are the perfect winter heels because as I hate to wear tights or socks, these shoes allow me to go tightless with my foot still somewhat covered up (at least on sunny days!). They are a cross between a court shoe and a boot, and they only really work with trousers, which is pretty much all I wear in the winter anyway. So don't be surprised if you see me wearing them again and again... Oh! And my jeans are from Mother Denim (currently my favourite pair) and yes I cut off the hems myself.

J.Crew £350


PoppysStyle said...

It's crazy that they are the same in pounds as they are in dollars! They are 40% off over here too right now so I immediately treated myself:) $210 yes please!

momben.com said...

purtroppo, d'inverno, non posso permettermi di non indossare le calze. A me piacciono, certo, non sono facili da abbinare ... perĂ² qui in Italia fanno parte del normale armadio invernale ;-)

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