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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Behind the scenes of The ICONS Update shoot this week

It's that funny time of year where despite it being still summer, we are already getting a little bit excited about what to wear in fall. Lots of websites have started landing new season drops and we are getting first glimpses of what we saw at fashion weeks (and in my case earmarked as must-buys), so Petro and I thought it would be a good time to showcase what's on our shopping radars, and what's worth buying now to wear forever. You can see the full thing in this week's issue live on www.wardrobeicons.com but here today I wanted to show your a few fun shots from behind the scenes  and tell you how it all happens!
Ready to play dress-up
First of all we spend a lot of time looking through all our favourite websites in search for the next great buy. It is my job as an editor to look through 256 dresses on Net-a-Porter, but as we  do this we often think: "What woman has time to do this?!". There is an insane amount of choice out there so you really do need an expert eye and a lot of time at your fingertips to shop for something great! Lucky, if your like our style, we do the legwork for you!

Samples have arrived
 Secondly we "call everything in". That means that we call press offices and we aks them to send us samples to try on. This is because it's important that we see what things look like in real life, we like to try them on, walk around in them, and really get a sense on what these items are worth. Only what we really love makes it on The ICONS Update (and when that happens, often in our own wardrobes).
Here I was asking Petro: which shoes - flats on heels?
We go through a lot of samples, but not everything makes it in. For this shoot I called in a designer jumper that I thought I was going to love, but the fabric was a bit so and so and the fit not great so if I don't love it, why should you? Other times we don't even get to samples and simply feature things we already own and love (like my Chloe fringed shoes and Petro's Gucci bag) - in those cases we are already convinced they are great!

Here I was just being silly as Greta would say
When we try things on we really try and think about what we are going to say about them - we all have our hangups and body issues so in our description we tell you a little bit about why we think think they are great and in which way you can style them.
More silliness
 When we found the things we love we shoot them with our resident photographer Eva K. Salvi. We often do this at home or in the office, just to give you a sense of what they look like on real people. For this shoot we tried everything on the day before the shoot in Petro's dressing room - I won't lie, we have a great time!

Looking at photos with Eva
In the next few days Eva sends us the photos get to us and  we pick our favourites which are the ones you see in The ICONS Update! This week it's all about the new season drops that are worth bagging now and loving forever. Here's a link to the issue, I really hope you enjoy it and like my recommendations.



Anonymous said...

Please could you ask Petra who makes her clothes steamer? All of the ones I have found are big and ugly but that looks very slick and discreet for the corner of the closet! Thank you!

WIT said...

Here is the link xx It was off amazon. http://www.amazon.co.uk/GS16-DJ-Portable-Sanitizer-Professional-Sterilize/dp/B00F28EH72/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1438099458&sr=8-7&keywords=clothes+steamer

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