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Thursday, 9 July 2015

How short is too short?

Etoile Isabel Marant dress, Antonello bag, Mango sandals
Oh this dress - I remember debating in the Harvey Nichols changing rooms if I was past the appropriate age of wearing something so short and then thinking (literally): "What the heck. You only live once". So I bought it, it went in the Summer Box, I waited and waited and pulled it our for my recent Italy holiday. I wore it for an al fresco dinner in Rome with flat shoes, no make up make-up, hair up in a messy do and loved every minute of wearing it. Yes it's short, but then I'm quite short so it's not too short on me, plus if you style it down (down-down) then it's OK. So my answer to the question 'When is short too short?' is: when you feel uncomfortable in it.  So I wore it again, last night out for dinner and drinks on a terrace. Not quite as warm as Italy so I froze but hey ho, the dress made me feel fabulous. So here are a few more short things I love... all from Isabel Marant becasue she seems to love short too and somehow design them and style them in a way that they are never not tasteful.


carmen said...

si è corto ma ti sta d'incanto!
ottima scelta!

PoppysStyle said...

If you have the legs and the confidence why the hell not! ;) x

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