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Thursday, 16 July 2015

What I wore yesterday

Coast dress, Chloe shoes, Mango clutch

Yesterday was a beeeeeeeezy day, so much so that I don't even come around to do an outfit post. Also, I had one of those days where you walk out of the house and instantly regret what you are wearing - it wasn't right in any way, not smart enough, not chic enough and way to covered up for a hot, muggy grey day. So I did what any fashionista would do and bought something on my way to breakfast to quickly shake things up ;-)

With Petro and Zara Simon, the fabulous woman behind my Z jewellery obsession
 Much better to show you what I changed into for a lovely work dinner with the Monsoon team to celebrate the Monsoon Heritage collection and a new boho-chic range by Jessica Simon, that we are all going to LOVE! Think Burberry A/W15 collection but at affordable prices. The collection won't hit the stores until August but I will be sure to let you know when it does. First outing for my Chloe shoes teamed up with a high street fav dress from last year from Coast and my beloved Mango clutch.


Unknown said...

Beautiful, simple look! That dress is gorgeous. I know what you mean about leaving the house and instantly regretting your outfit choice, it happens far too often to me! x


mama'sVIB said...

I have those days far to often - but I would love to know what you left the house in that was 'so wrong' as you also look so amazing - I cannot imagine you having a bad day. Lovely to hear you are like the rest of us xxx

Unknown said...

Love the bag. Why cant I have as much confidence with style as you.


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