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Monday, 20 July 2015

"Just-add-a-skirt" challenge day One

COS T-shirt, Stella McCartney skirt, Mango shoes
So I had two friends over for dinner a few weeks ago and as I was showing them my new wardrobes one of them said to me (in a rather shocked voice): "But I've never seen you in this! And in this! And this!?!". It so happens that she was holding all my beautiful skirts, and she is right - for some reason I wait all year long for tights-less appropriateness and then come summer (and tanned legs) I still wear trousers and jeans?? So it's got me thinking, why don't I wear them? Well, a little bit has got to do with the practicality of trousers, but mainly it's because I can't be bothered to think about what I'm going to wear on top. But surely most of them would look great with a simple white T-shirt, and as I thought that I had an idea. So here goes my five days "Just add a skirt" challenge day one, and an encouragement to do the same tomorrow with one of your forgotten skirts!

Forgotten skirt: Stella McCartney, neon jaquard pencil skirt. 
Number of times worn: max 2
Reason of not wearing: must be worn with heels + only looks good bare legged
Verdict: I wish I had worn it more and actually, it would look great with metallic flat sandals too.

Last recorded wear September 2nd 2014

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