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Friday, 17 July 2015

WIT mama Friday: denim shorts are the new jeans


I usually only ever wear denim shorts on holiday, at the beach - it's kind of all I wore on my recent holiday in Italy. As I got home to London and unpacked my suitcase I didn't put them away in my beach box as I would normally do... I kept at a hand's reach thinking: "Maybe at the weekend?". So here I am today, breaking all my own rules and wearing my MiH denim shorts (70% off on Net and lots of sizes left - click here) sort of at the weekend on my WIT mama Friday. I won't be heading into town, but to run a few errands and take Greta for an ice cream locally they are just the most comfortable option!

To make them city-appropriate:
- choose slightly longer lengths (mine are from MiH and are called The Phoebe and are on sale too)
- pair with long sleeved tops
- wear with trainers or smaer sandals
- cut off an old pair of jeans that you don't wear anymore to save money!
 Check out The ICONS Update for four more ways to wear yours + lots of juicy buys

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